Daily Dose: Eri Soul

“I love it. I love who I’m becoming and how this makes me feel. I can do this forever.”

Meet Eri Soul, Atlanta's emerging musical sensation. From her talent with a guitar to her phenomenal voice, Eri is truly a force to be reckoned with. Music has always surrounded her, especially as she grew up in the church.  

 “Everybody around me just sings, my whole family sings.” Her skills with the guitar started while she was attending Craver Arts. After her classes ended there, Eri continued to teach herself. 


Her anticipated EP Emotions, released on April 17th. When asked about the name she replied, “I’m very emotional, I feel everything around me so Emotions just came about from that, from me just being around and acknowledging everything and people or just me trying to be on a higher level of love and just having positivity and all that’s surround me.” 

Eri explained the overall production of Emotions further, “Each song on there isn’t a specific emotion, but some are. I’ve been working on it for about a year and a half. 



My first song I dropped was optimism and I had to figure out what I was going to do from there. I’ve just been moving so much and trying to really get a feel for my sound and trying to understand it. 

So when I had a better understanding of it, I just started choosing the songs that I could improve on.” Looking back, Emotions almost didn’t happen, “It took me a long time to do it because of procrastination and then I didn’t even know if I wanted to really be an artist. I felt like no one was going to listen to the music I created because no one is making music like this.

Despite her doubts, Eri’s love for making music was her motivation to continue sharing her talents with the world and it definitely seems to be paying off. Looking forward Eri has a couple of shows as well as a festival and a concert in June. We hope to continue hearing the beautiful sounds of Eri Soul.



Enjoy some of our photographs from the Emotions Release party and a few of our favorite tracks from the EP

Daily Dose: Benny Jetts

"I can't even not do me, cause it like..hurts"


Meet Chason Howard, better known as Benny Jetts. The 20-year old graphic designer has a unique style that shines throughout his work as well as with his other interests of producing and work as a DJ. 

While he is apart of various music groups, he is prominently a member of Yako pack, a group of talented creatives. 

Benny started out doing basic Photoshop tutorials to sharpen his skills after a friend introduced him to a free alternative to photoshop. Benny’s work is often seen on the front of various mixtapes as he’s become a very sought after cover artist. 

“Pretty much every cover I do, I listen to the song on repeat the whole time, which kind of gets annoying. I’ll just hear the song and think ‘ok, I’m listening to the song; what color do I see?’ And just try and paint an image that matches and makes sense.”


When he was younger his interest for music came from watching the MTV music countdown every morning before school. From this Benny was exposed to all types of music like Fall Out Boy and Gorillaz.

His inspiration to produce actually came from Soulja Boy. “There would be no me without Soulja Boy, for real,” he joked. 

DJing was the one thing that came further down the road. In the future he hopes to branch out and do everything from AD campaigns and cereal boxes to furniture. 

He is also would really like to go on tour. “I really, really, really want to go on tour. It’s looking like a possibility one way or another.”


From here on out Benny just want to remain genuine and to keep doing what he loves.

Daily Dose: Jaemin Miquel

"I grew to love it, and now I'm in the studio everyday."

Meet Jaemin Miquel, the 19-year-old emerging artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Although Jaemin has been grabbing a lot of people's attention in Atlanta, he's been making music well before he made the move here 5 years ago. 

"I have been making music for about 8 years now and been around it my whole life." After graduating high school early, he immediately started devoting his time to growing as an artist as well as learning the technical side of music. 

When asked about the origins of his artist name, Jaemin responded, “My mom said, “If you’re going to do this music thing, I want your name to be Jaemin Miquel.” So that’s just what it was.” Jaemin credits his team, which consists of his family including his cousin, brother, and very close friends, with helping him make everything come together. 


His music is a reflection of his life and what’s going on but most importantly it’s his way of letting the world know he's here. 

Moving forward, he has plenty of performances coming up with a major one in March. “I’m going to be at SXSW in March and that’s going to be dope.” Currently, Jaemin is working on completing his first mixtape and releasing singles like his February 1st release, Ball Ball. One piece of advice he’d like to leave with readers is, "Go hard! Never stop going hard." With a bright future ahead of him, we can't wait to see what else Jaemin has in store for us.